MAGAZINE Small Business 2.5 for Windows 10


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MAGAZINE Small Business is a computer program designed for warehouse management in small and medium-sized retail and service companies. Promotes the sale of goods and services, control of stock and payments. Transparent interface makes the novice user will not have problems with its service-STORE SALES * issue a sales document for goods and services such as invoice, invoice registers, invoice-margin export invoices, receipts, invoices, RR, pro forma invoice , excluding VAT bills, invoices from delivery notes and receipts, and corrective actions, correction notes, RW and PW * PZ purchasing documents issued and corrective * works according to the principle standard (unique index), * issues and prints the destruction certificates, inventory, opening balance sheet, price list, offer trade marks and labels, * supports the sale of services - comprehensive dictionary with the ability to specify the description for the position, * supports intra-Community supplies and triangular transactions, * uses five sales tariffs for net and gross possibly with a margin for them, * support orders to suppliers and customers, * generates reports about the goods turnover, payments, contractors, * controls the payment of contractors and its own list of debtors, * issues a request for payment and interest notes, * balance billing, the maximum credit to the contractor, * giving discounts, * control and low level, * grouping goods * Smart Search products and partners, * control the sale of the available units in stock and minimum prices, * print preview on the screen * works with POSNET fiscal printers and other compatible with the protocol * supports barcode readers, * the opportunity to start working with the program at any time (setting the document numbering, the initial state), * allows you to change the VAT rates PAPER * registration records of revenue and expense ledger (by type divisions company), * records of purchases and sales for VAT purposes (broken down by types of departments in the company) with the ability to automatically record in the book, * records of purchases and sales for the flat-rate tax (broken down by types of departments in the company), * prepared statement turnover and expenses for the month and year-to the possibility of taking remanentów, * records of fixed assets and equipment, * sales accounting structure bezrachunkowej purchases * records and records of the excise tax statement, * function of chronological ordering of entries in the register and the book, * print page-copy, records, statements: VAT, flat-rate excise duty (in several ways), * preparation of VAT and PIT (print full and inserted into the original prints), * record the data for previous financial years * kilometrówkę accounts for multiple vehicles, remember the route and the number of kilometers, * CASH TRANSFERS-prints: Evidence Bank Deposits, Bank Wire Transfers, Transfers Registered Post, Postal transfers to the account transfers to social security account, transfers to the account of the U.S., * ie Receipts shall KP, KW, cash reports, * takes stock of money, * supports up to 100 independent unions, CO-OPERATION WITH ANY OTHER PROGRAMS * moves data (sales and purchases) to the book series Businessman Businessman and small business, * imports data from the Ministry of Finance Invoicing.